Return Man 4 – Linebacker

By ReturnMan

Good old Return Man 4 is my favorite game so far, why? Well because I just simply love football and everything related to it (especially games :D). This is why I have built this site to give people opportunity to enjoy awesomeness of this game.

Return Man 4 – LinebackerGame is much like a real football itself, main objective of the game is to stop attackers and catch the ball before it reaches finish line, in order to do this you have to learn how to get through the blockers. In this version of the game you play in defense, you will have to deal with your opponents and no matter what don’t allow them to reach touchdown line.

Now few words about graphics of the game, at the first glance everything looks simple, but if you ask me design of the game and graphics are just fantastic, physics of the game are attractive as well, movements are smooth and realistic. Game leaves positive experience and it is really enjoyable. Simplicity is beauty in this game.

As always first couple levels of the game are quite easy to complete, but things get tough in higher levels, attacking team is a lot stronger and their strategy is decent as well. You will have to do well if you want to succeed in Return Man 4 and finish all levels.

Game gives you opportunity to unlock so called special moves, in order to get these moves you will have to stop running back first.

Controls of the game are listed right here, as always they are simple and comfortable to use:

I, J, L and K buttons can be used to move in different directions (or you can simply use arrow buttons).

Space bar – Dive Tackle (or continue).

M button – Mute.

Special moves:

A – Swim.

S – Shuck.

D – Bull Rush.

Unlock all special moves in the game, increase your defense and don’t let anyone to pass, this is pretty much everything what Return Man 4 is all about, enjoy the game and have fun guys!

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